Handmade bags and accessories made from pineapple fiber.
Natural, sustainable and vegan.

Our promise...

Products made from Pineapple as a leather alternative



Handmade in Germany

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MINI WALLET - card holders

CLASSIC     15€




CLUTCH classic    57€

CLUTCH feisty    59€

EVERYDAY BAG classic 49€

ACCESSORIES - make-up bags / pencil cases & phone cases

CLUTCH classic    57€

CLUTCH feisty    59€

The voice and pictures of our customers

'I found this brand on Instagram. I was particularly impressed by the sustainability aspect. I had never heard of a pineapple leather alternative.

I was very excited to see what the material would look like and the truth is that I am very surprised. The products have a very nice feel and the material seems to be very resistant.

I love the wallet and the toiletry bag. I even feel like they still smell a bit like pineapple. I would recommend it to everyone.'

- Cris, Spain
(Original language: Spanish)

'The wallet is small and handy and can still store a lot. I always have cards, banknotes, a shopping chip and a 'nest egg' of 2 euros with me. It fits in every pocket and is therefore always at hand.

No longer a large wallet, which you have to search through to find your card. Simply pull out, pay, put back, done. This is faster than the receipt comes from the till.

It is also very pretty to look at. The white wallet immediately appealed to me when I saw it in the online shop.'

- Sandra, Germany
(Original language: German)

'The Mini Wallet from Ilse Marie is a true lifesaver, in various regards! Not only does the use of this practicable purse-substitute, which offers enough space for all my cards, facilitate my everyday life in the increasingly cashless Scandinavia, but also does the Mini Wallet contribute to the protection of the environment as it is manufactured with environmentally friendly material! Thus, using my Mini Wallet from Ilse Marie literally feels good because of its soft and high-quality material and because of is great contribution to the protection of the environment.

Additionally, it is a nice feeling to support a local business from a young woman who crafts her products with lots of love and who offers her customers a lovely and authentic service in connection to her great environmentally friendly products. With a lot of creativity and engagement, the young businesswoman behind Ilse Marie offers her customer a wide range of different Wallets and other products that turns every buyer of the environmentally friendly Ilse Marie products to lifesaver in favor of the environment.

Due to its beautiful design, the products are a genuine eye-catcher and I will definitely buy more of them soon! 😊 With that said – I thank the Ilse-Marie Team a lot for their great service and their gorgeous lifesaver products – I will definitely recommend them! 😊'

- Jenny, Sweden
(Original language: English)

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